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Composting in the Winter

Does composting stop in the winter?  Nope, at least not here on the West Coast.  The composting microbes, and even worms, are still working but very slowly, like food in the fridge.  If you made hot compost in the fall, by filling a bin or pile with mixed carbon and nitrogen rich materials at once, you may have a toasty pile all winter.  We have seen melted snow on ours.  Keep adding the browns (leaves, straw, wood chips, shredded paper, etc.) and greens, small pieces if you can, (kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, weeds, etc.) and make sure it is damp but not soaked.  Even if it is slow now, as soon as the temperature warms, the compost will be a...

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5 Ways Composting Helps the Environment (And Your Soul!)

Guest post by Eric H, another compost enthusiast!  Composting has become more and more popular over the years as more homeowners and communities are working to help create a cleaner, “greener” environment. If you’re not familiar with the process, composting is when we take food and plant waste and recycle it through its natural process, creating compost which can be used as a natural fertilizer. It has a number of great benefits for our health and environment. Composting Reduce Greenhouse Gasses When we throw away food waste in the trash, it gets taken by our local waste management company (or by your dad on Saturday mornings to your local “dump”) and that’s the last you typically think about it. No...

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Obstacles to backyard composting, and solutions!


What are the common perceived barriers to backyard composting?



Here are three, with solutions. The first obstacle is inertia, just doing it. Like forming habits of recycling, you need to start. Actually most people that I meet do composting in some form. Maybe I just travel in good circles but I think people are fairly sensible and see the value of making compost for the garden. With a small effort in set-up, the work involved is about the same as taking the garbage to the curb.

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How to Create Compost Tea for Your Garden

Compost tea is an ideal modern organic fertilizer. This is largely due to the minerals and nutrients that it can provide your plants. It will also help encourage the growth of certain microorganisms that are beneficial for them.

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Starting a Home Vegetable Garden: Benefits and How to Save Money

Guest blog by Tina Martino Starting a kitchen vegetable garden is not easy, but it is not rocket science either. But before you rush to the nearest Home Depot and purchase a ton of seedlings, fertilizer, and dirt, here is a cheaper way of embracing home gardening without breaking the bank. 1. Step One: Analyze your Backyard's Sun Availability  Before anything, do an extensive analysis and survey of the total number of sunlight hours your yard gets every day. Contrary to the common misconception, you don't actually need exactly 8 hours to have blooming and healthy vegetables for your kitchen's delight. In anything, there are a couple of vegetables that do best when grown in part shade or less than...

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