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Why Backyard Composting is Better than Municipal Composting

From the Comox Valley Echo, Tuesday 5 March 2013, Ask a Pro Question: Why is backyard composting better than municipal composting? Answer: You don’t have large diesel trucks rumbling through neighbourhoods. It doesn’t require large tracks of land for processing. It costs less. My Mum pays $275.52 a year for her privately-owned curbside pickup in Victoria. But a good composter (ok, like our Speedibin!) costs $199 and lasts about 30 years, under $7 per year. The town of Fredericton calculated that 3,000 backyard composters saved over $100,000 a year in waste disposal. Best of all, you get rich compost for your garden and you know what’s in it. A comprehensive study was done in North Van if you want to...

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The Compost Resolution

Admiring some compost From the Comox Valley Echo, Tuesday 8 January 2013, Ask a Pro   Question: I resolve to start composting in 2013. What do I need? Answer: Excellent resolution! Backyard composting is one of the most effective things an individual can do to improve the environment. There are many ways to compost – a system to fit every situation. Consider: Backyard bins (our favourite of course!) Indoor vermicomposting with red wiggler worms Open three-compartment pens for yard waste Trenches or pits buried in your garden Communal compost systems for condos, schools and commercial kitchens In-ground digesters to dispose of waste rather than produce compost Bokashi fermenting systems to pre-digest wastes before further composting Or even a basic “chop...

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Our New Speedibin Promotional Video

We are excited to showcase our new Speedibin promotional video, produced by Dan Peruzzo of D See Video Productions. Working with D See Video Productions was a true joy and we love the playful, educational tone of this addition to our Speedibin media. Thanks also to Continual Palingenesis - Social Media Solutions for facilitating the process and helping us share this video.

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The Brown Revolution

Editorial for Live Green section inside the CV Echo, 2012 09 30 - Joyce  What is one of the simplest and most effective ways that individuals can help the environment? Composting. Awareness of the tremendous diversity of lifeforms in our soils and subsequent protection and enhancement of them is virtually a revolution. Did you know that there is more life below ground than above? There are about 50 billion micro-organisms in a tablespoon of soil. Staggering! And that is what feeds the plants that feed us. Consider this: about a third of the waste from the Comox Valley going to the landfill is organic matter – mainly yard and kitchen scraps. At the landfill there is no oxygen supply to...

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Where to locate your Speedibin

From Comox Valley Echo, 2 October 2012 - Ask a Pro Question: Where should I set up my new composter? I just bought a Speedibin at South Country Feed. Answer: Good bin choice, Deb! Make the location convenient. You are most likely going to have a few trips a week from your kitchen, even in the winter. Make it easy on yourself, set it up with easy access from the kitchen but not right beside your house. Leave some walking around space on all four sides so you can access it and pests can’t hide behind. It needs to be on earth so that worms, microbes and water can transfer. Worms can’t get through concrete! There needs to be good drainage...

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