Advanced Composting

Wondering if it is OK to put cooked food in your composter? Here's how to decide plus answers to more advanced composting problems as well as alternate composting methods.

Composting Articles

  • The Importance of Backyard ...

    Each year in North and West Vancouver, between 8,398 and 10,514 tonnes of single-family organic waste is generated but never placed curbside for municipal collection and disposal.

  • Soul Satisfying Compost

    Want to make your garden giggle, your earth wriggle and your plants blush with brilliant colour?  Treat your soil to some good old fashioned homemade compost!  Considered by the most proficient gardeners, not to mention Nature, to be the best way to improve soil and in doing so improve plant...

  • Raccoons in Your Compost Bin

    While the raccoon looks like a friendly animal - they are NOT. Besides making a mess in your yard, they are carry of a number of diseases including rabies. They can be aggressive and will attack a dog if they feel threatened or if cornered. These encounters seldom go well...

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