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Our Deluxe model features a hinged lid for convenient addition of materials. 

Make rich nutritious compost from your kitchen and yard waste!  This metal backyard compost bin is designed to keep out rats and to be easy to use.

Based on the Classic Speedibin, the lid of the Deluxe model is hinged for even easier access.  The support arm allows the lid to be held open at about 75 degrees for a quick addition of scraps or at a second position fully open, making it easy to turn or fork over.  Other features are the same as the Classic Composter.

  • All metal construction prevents animals from chewing in. 
  • A metal screen on the bottom prevents animals from tunneling in. 
  • The large lid locks to preclude raccoons and dogs and allow easy access for mixing or adding materials. 
  • The front door lifts right out for easy removal of compost. 
  • Assembly is simple and quick with stainless bolts and wingnuts. 
  • A lock-nut secures the lid hinge support. 
  • Assembled dimensions are 31 x 29.5 x 27.5 inches (79 x 75 x 70 cm). 
  • Capacity is 107 US gallons (405 litres). 
  • Includes a comprehensive 16 page Composting Handbook. 
  • Best in industry 15 year warranty! 
  • Made in Canada. 
  • Designed by avid gardeners and compost enthusiasts to be the ideal compost bin.

"Backyard composting is arguably the single most effective activity individuals can do to help the environment."  It is the most cost effective solution to organic waste.  Compost adds essential nutrients to the soil, which feeds plants.  Now with the Speedibin, composting is a safe, easy and fun way to feed the soil!

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Price: $399.00
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