Soul Satisfying Compost

Soul Satisfying Compost

Editorial for In the Garden

CV Record, 8 April 2012

Want to make your garden giggle, your earth wriggle and your plants blush with brilliant colour?  Treat your soil to some good old fashioned homemade compost!  Considered by the most proficient gardeners, not to mention Nature, to be the best way to improve soil and in doing so improve plant life.

Compost is easy to make by using left over organics from your kitchen and garden.  By layering your compost, with nitrogen rich greens (the stinky stuff) with carbon rich browns (odor free stuff), aerating now and then and watering if necessary to keep it moist, you can create a wonderful soil amendment in as little as a few weeks.  When it looks like dirt and smells like dirt, it is stable compost! Use as a mulch, start seedlings or spread the joy of compost throughout your gardens and lawn.

An excellent (even entertaining) book on composting is “The Complete Compost Gardening Guide” by Barbara Pleasant and Deborah Martin.

Not only will your garden thrive but so will your satisfaction that you are reducing your organic waste by putting it back where it belongs.

Joyce McMenamon


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