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Although the Speedibin composter was developed in the early 1990’s, it didn't compete well in the market place with less expensive plastic bins. However, world thought has changed since then. Composting and backyard food production is becoming mainstream. This is wonderful for the planet: less trucking, less material to the landfill and more nutrients returned to the earth. But often backyard composing means that we are ringing the dinner bell for pests.

Fresh Earth Products is eager to resolve that obstacle. We have tweaked the design of the original Speedibin to create the ideal and affordable composter for backyard use.

The daughter of the original inventor, Joyce McMenamon, is working with an amazing team to make the Speedibin widely available. We have made several significant improvements to the original design including a latching handle that keeps out raccoons, dogs and the wind.

Fred Francis and original Speedibin
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