Our Speedibin Composters

The Speedibin composter enables you to convert garden and kitchen refuse into rich compost in one to three months (longer in colder weather) without attracting mice, rats, raccoons, etc. Its 405 litres (107 US gallons) is ideal for most home owners, small enough to fit unobtrusively into a corner, yet large enough to heat up and work efficiently. It keeps moisture in, rain out, and is well ventilated. Both the lid and front door can be removed. Easy access to the whole pile makes aerating, essential for fast aerobic decomposition, safe and easy on the back. When you want to use the compost, simply slide up the front door to access the bottom or remove the front door completely to easily shovel out your compost. Made from 24 gauge powder-coated galvanized steel, it will give many years of trouble-free service.

How Speedibin Works

The Speedibin assists and speeds the natural decomposition of organic wastes brought about by hundreds of different kinds of micro-organisms. They all work eventually but the more desirable microbes, which produce faster, less smelly action, require a warm, moist, dark, well-aerated, thoroughly mixed blend of organics containing the right proportions of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and water. The time taken for kitchen and garden wastes to convert into rich, earth-like compost is proportional to the degree to which this environment is attained.

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