The Importance of Backyard Composting

The Importance of Backyard Composting

If you ever doubted the value of your backyard compost bin, you need to read this report. (Executive Summary)

Prepared for the North Shore Recycling Program it reveals the astounding tonnage, yes tonnage, kept out of the landfill by backyard composters. At a savings to the community of over $2,000,000 

"Each year in North and West Vancouver, between 8,398 and 10,514 tonnes of single-family organic waste is generated but never placed curbside for municipal collection and disposal"

And, as if the dollar savings were not enough, there is also the reduction of pollution from the over 1,500 trips that the trucks didn't make to the transfer station.

Backyard composting plays a vital part in reducing waste. It is a cost effective way for communities to control spiraling waste management cost.  

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