Picking A Composter Location

Picking A Composter Location


Choosing a location for your Speedibin

Make the location convenient. You are most likely going to have a few trips a week from your kitchen, even in the winter. So make it comfortable for yourself and set it up with easy access from the kitchen. It is best to leave some walking space on all four sides. Then you can access it all around and pests can’t hide behind.

It needs to be on earth so that worms, microbes and water can transfer. Worms can’t get through concrete! There needs to be good drainage underneath so that water can’t pool and go anaerobic.

Make sure that the ground is level with no rocks or sticks poking up the screen. You can test for squareness by putting the lid on.

If possible, do not set it under trees as the roots may infiltrate.

If you set your composter in a sunny location, it may compost slightly faster but may also necessitate watering. The main source of heat in the composter is actually bacterial, not solar, so a sunny spot may not be better.

Some insightful people set up their composter right in a raised bed. The soil under the composter will become luxuriously rich in life. After each batch of compost has finished its active stage and cooled down, you can turn out the compost onto the raised bed for final curing, move the bin to the next bed and fill it up again. Brilliant!

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