No Smell Composting

No Smell Composting

From the Comox Valley Echo, Tuesday 7 January 2014, Ask a Pro

Question: How can I make sure my compost does not smell?

Answer: Compost does not smell if it is made right. Usually, any smells are caused by nitrogen being released as ammonia. And what a waste of nutritive nitrogen! Or there may be anaerobic pockets that release sulphur. Here are some tips to ensure that these tragIMG_4311-001edies never happen.

  • After you add your kitchen scraps to your compost bin, always top off with a layer of carbon-rich browns like leaves, straw or shredded paper.
  • When you are adding stinky stuff, it’s best to dig a little hole in the compost and bury the matter. Then cover with browns, of course.
  • If there are anaerobic pockets, get out your garden fork or a stick and churn the compost up a bit. This invigorates the aerobic microbes.
  • If you aerate or fork over your compost, add some old compost or browns on top afterwards.
  • Make sure there is drainage under your bin so that there are no puddles under it.

So don’t throw away those valuable food scraps. Your garden will love the nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients. It’s easy and rewarding!

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