Obstacles to backyard composting, and solutions!

Obstacles to backyard composting, and solutions!


What are the common perceived barriers to backyard composting?



Here are three, with solutions.  The first obstacle is inertia, just doing it.  Like forming habits of recycling, you need to start.  Actually most people that I meet do composting in some form.  Maybe I just travel in good circles but I think people are fairly sensible and see the value of making compost for the garden.  With a small effort in set-up, the work involved is about the same as taking the garbage to the curb.

The second barrier to composting is the fear of smells.  This can easily be avoided by always topping with a layer of leaves, shredded paper, straw or old compost.

A third common barrier to backyard composting is the fear of rats.  I have a good solution for this one – use our metal Speedibin!  Another option is to bury the animal attractants (bread, dairy, pasta, bones, etc.) at least half a meter deep in your garden.

Our goal is to eliminate obstacles to backyard composting.  If you like the idea but not sure how to start, contact me and we’ll find solutions.

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