The Brown Earth Revolution

The Brown Earth Revolution

Editorial for Live Green section inside the CV Echo, 2012 09 30 - Joyce 

What is one of the simplest and most effective ways that individuals can help the environment? Composting. Awareness of the tremendous diversity of lifeforms in our soils and subsequent protection and enhancement of them is virtually a revolution. Did you know that there is more life below ground than above? There are about 50 billion micro-organisms in a tablespoon of soil. Staggering! And that is what feeds the plants that feed us. Consider this: about a third of the waste from the Comox Valley going to the landfill is organic matter – mainly yard and kitchen scraps. At the landfill there is no oxygen supply to the depths so stuff decomposes anaerobically and produces methane – a gas 20 times stronger that CO2 in building a greenhouse effect on earth. Then think of all those nutrients being mowed, raked, weeded out and disappearing from your garden. Composting is the ultimate recycling system. Oh but it’s such a bother to make compost, I hear. Actually, it’s fun and easy. Pile up the material, sit back and let the bugs and worms do their magic. In a few months, you’ll have rich soil. Or get the composting obsession and make some hot batches, fork it around, admire the red wigglers, smell the fresh new earth. Or make compost for your own benefit: less watering, no fertilizing or pesticides, much healthier plants in your garden. Even your vegetables will be more nutritious. It is the ideal additive for you soil. Whatever your reasons are for composting – protecting the soil, reducing waste to the landfill, healthier garden – you can feel pleased with yourself. You are helping your environment. Feel the Brown Revolution power!

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