The Compost Resolution

The Compost Resolution

Admiring some compost

From the Comox Valley Echo, Tuesday 8 January 2013, Ask a Pro


I resolve to start composting in 2013. What do I need?

Answer: Excellent resolution! Backyard composting is one of the most effective things an individual can do to improve the environment. There are many ways to compost – a system to fit every situation. Consider:

  • Backyard bins (our favourite of course!)
  • Indoor vermicomposting with red wiggler worms
  • Open three-compartment pens for yard waste
  • Trenches or pits buried in your garden
  • Communal compost systems for condos, schools and commercial kitchens
  • In-ground digesters to dispose of waste rather than produce compost
  • Bokashi fermenting systems to pre-digest wastes before further composting
  • Or even a basic “chop and drop” composting right on the garden.
Choose a system to fit your needs. We simply use a stainless pail with a lid in the kitchen to collect scraps and every few days take it to the Speedibin, dump and cover with leaves. (Usually we admire the worms too.) We add grass clippings and yard waste as produced. Easy and tidy. For more on how to compost, our composting handbook is a free download from our website, Help yourself. Whatever your solution, you are an asset to Earth. Your bonus: rich nutritive compost!
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Great attitude, Khotha! We hear you! Feeding the soil with organic waste helps to reverse pollution. One of the easiest ways to start composting is to simply bury yard and kitchen waste in holes in the ground


I will love to be part of Compost Resolution. I feel like cry when seeing our polluted environment. I am in South Africa. How can I start on this side? I was watching the program yesterday at 10h00 pm from Home Channel. I will be more than happy for tips and guidance.

Khotha Mamoya

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